Dire Warning – My Advice to Web Surfers

Welcome to the Internet, a wonderful place that it’s inventors envisioned as a system to put full encyclopedias of knowledge at your fingertips.

Best of Intentions

Modern technologies offer us a wealth of enticing services all delivered by your ability to access the internet. Some people have compared the internet to a superhighway of information.



The lofty ambitions of the scientists who created the world wide web were to deliver authorative references to research, permit collaboration between research teams and to deliver a scientific reference to scientific papers and later, class room notes and even full course textbooks.


Enter the Dark Side

However, commercial corporations looked upon this ability to communicate and sought to use it for profit purposes. Unwary public servants were swayed by the promises of economic revolution, and allowed the internet to become a commercial enterprise.


The influence of the corporations assured favorable regulation for corporations who quickly purchased media components so they could have a share of the upcoming wealth.  Many checks were written, many favors were cashed.


The Worm Turns

Several years after the commercialization of the internet we see that it has become a communications medium delivering ignorance and celebrating public folly.  Anonymous trolls dispense vitriolic arguments unrelated to any intelligent discourse that dilute the value of public forums.  To the point that we now expect public forums to be packed with hate speech and slander.

Instead of enriching our lives the internet has now become a dark hole full of hateful monsters that intrudes into our lives, and our children’s lives, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. So how do we counsel our children to not be affected by the well of ignorance that the internet has become? We shall explore that in further chapters.



We like to think that only bad people have anything to fear from authorities. The naïve user assumes that if they do nothing wrong, they will never have to defend themselves from any investigations. Experience proves otherwise. Totally innocent people have had their lives intruded by authorities following false leads in digital cases. Your identity can be used to commit a crime without your knowledge and you can be investigated for things you never even knew existed.


Don’t Be a Victim!

Did you know that criminals can intrude your computer through the internet and then use your system to commit acts against other computers. Of course, when the digital evidence is examined, the authorities will come to you. Even if you are totally guilt free you can be intimidated and harassed. You can be fined or denied service by the determination of a company or agency who you never get to see or talk to, in a hearing you do not even know is happening. You need to protect yourself, even if you are a straight-arrow, obey the rules person. We shall discuss that as well.

Tell Your Friends to Watch This Space!

We have come to rely on this invention, but we have to understand its risks if we are to use it wisely.

And safely. 

Stay tuned, I will have more to say soon.


America’s Greatest Military Foe: Who killed the most Americans ever?

What nation killed the most American servicemen in military action?
Germany? Japan? England? Mexico? Spain? Iran?  Iraq? North Korea? Grenada?

No! None of these.

America’s most lethal enemy was the Confederate States of America.

The Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred and revolt. It is a flag of “Jihad” in the truest sense.

Confederate Flag = Jihad Revolutionary civil war flag. 

It is the flag of the losers who killed more Americans than any other nation, ever, combined.

Respect that? I pray not.

Science Trumps Superstition

Weak minds cling to their superstitions, the wise study science. Understanding the physics of the universe leads the mind away from baseless faiths. Does the age of a lie make it holy? Do we worship Ra and Isis, Zeus and Hera, Jupiter, Mars and Venus? Those ‘faiths’ are older than the Babylonian faith that we now call Judeo-Christian-Islamic monothesism.


In the history of the Earth and humanity, no superstition has ever been found to be fact. A modern human accepts that, like Santa Claus, witches, Zeus or the Boggieman, there is nothing in religion but bronze-age ignorance, handed down by well-meaning, but utterly ignorant prophets or by malicious charlatans…


The simple fact is that prayer and supplication are foolish attempts to placate ancient animal fears. The crash of thunder, the tectonic changes that lead to earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and disease, these all were the basis of primitive beliefs.

Cops Gone Wild: Use of Force at Pool Party in McKinney Texas

These bigots shame me. Bigots shame us all. But there is more to consider.

Man in blue acts like a thug.

Man in blue acts like a thug.

I watched the video closely, and the several fat white guys wandering around watching the cop approvingly are the ones I hope to see in hell.

This man in blue is a mean dog on a leash, but the fat white guys all over the scene are masters of the leash. Officer attackdog works for their white establishment. The whites called him to send the blacks away, and in one sense, the mad-dog cop was just doing that job. They are the masters, not him.

At the very least, the rampaging officer committed assault and battery, false imprisonment and (I mean this earnestly) impersonating a police officer.
He deserves to go to jail.

However, the white people who stood and watched silently are the ones who pay this man to keep the black children away from the pool.

Hatred is the evil we must defeat.


Ref: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/08/texas-pool-party-mom_n_7536218.html

Earth Day: Paul Kantner’s ‘Earth Mother’

Earth mother your children are here
High and feeling dandy
Earth mother your children are here
Ripped on coke and candy

Once the earth was a garden
It gave us all we need
Then it grew so barren
All because of greed

Once the air was for breathing
And clouds caused rain to fall
Then it filled with poisons
Strangling us all


Water was once for drinking
And giving life to the land
Then it was used for cooling
The machinery of man


It’s not your fault you’re ill now
It’s the men who went before
Your children are at your side now
Don’t worry anymore

Your children are your salvation
They see your life as their own
They recognize no nation
They dance around your throne

Dancing in the meadows
To the sound of a living tree
In and out of the shadows
Laughing with the breeze

Chorus x2

If you like it you can find it on the Jefferson Airplane album “Sunfighter”

Freeing the Elephants

We hear this morning that Barnum and Bailey’s Circus will phase out the use of elephants in the circus.  Further, they are promising to let the elephants they own live out their lives in a spacious park in Florida.


Bravo, Barnum and Bailey’s Circus.  I will now take my grandchildren to your circus the next time you are in my area.

Now about those seals and big cats…



An Animal Lover

Old Plans Die Hard, so Recognize Your New Dreams and be Flexible

Somewhere inside of us is a child with desires, hopes and dreams. 

We may have seized upon some detail in the past and made that goal our over-riding desire.  Such goals can inspire us to great achievements over the course of our lives.

Enlightened humans spend years building a life plan, starting with childhood daydreaming and progressing for whole lives.  We make plans and go over them time and again, reinforcing our desire to accomplish early goals and eventually our “bucket list”.

Few people ever have the foreknowledge required to know what is best until their future unfolds.  Despite our noble ambitions and worthy goals, sometimes life events can completely disrupt your carefully-made plans.  Over our lifetime, accomplishments which we might have valued highly in our youth really are no longer as desirable.  Yet, many people will continue to follow their old plan, even when that plan no longer serves us well.

Crystalized constructs of yesterday’s thought

We become so focused on achieving our stated goals that we neglect to see if those goals are still as important to us as they once were.   We need to reassess and refocus as our needs evolve.  We need to get past the crystalized constructs of yesterday’s thoughts. We must validate our next moves with today’s measuring stick, not yesterday’s aging metric.

We resist reassessing our goals, it’s our psychological inertia.  We have invested so strongly in our life-plan that we can not bear to change course, because we believe it amounts to admitting defeat.  But that child which wove your ancient fantasy may no longer really desire the same things.  Even if we do attain those goals, they might not satisfy our true desire.

Listen to your inner child

Our goals change as we age, and our life-plan needs to be allowed to evolve.  All too often, our strength of character manifests as stubbornness, and we refuse to abandon obsolete goals because we have a life-long investment in those dreams.

But, if we can look into ourselves and talk to that inner child, we might find that we are chasing a storybook ending which we imagined all those years ago, but which no longer has any real impact.

So, as you move along life’s path, take care to reassess your current direction.  Our original aspirations may not be as meaningful today as they once were.

Listen to your inner child and ask yourself, “what do I want NOW?” and accept that changing course to arrive at your ideal destination  is better than stubbornly persisting in an old script that may no longer arouse your inner soul fire.

The wise speak from the grave, but the fools still do not choose to listen.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” – Aristotle

I have long observed that people with open minds discover more truth because they do not refuse to think about things they have already decided upon.  If you have an accepted belief and some evidence contradicts your belief, it is a rare person who can suspend their already-decided-upon belief to consider the new evidence.

Inferior minds suppress evidence that does not fit their world view.  Its the adult equivalent of children plugging their ears to show they are not listening.

Aristotle is rarely quoted in this era, but he still has lessons to impart to those who would choose be wiser.

Is it better to deny truth to maintain your faith?  Or should we deny faith and examine evidence and reach a newer understanding.

Bombogenesis: is it a natural result of unnatural climate change, mostly caused by man-made greenhouse gasses? Or another scientist hoax?

Any housewife who has boiled water can understand the clear difference between a simmer and a boil.  Simmers create vertical columns of convection and the water moves upward in a straight line and the water circulation is a gentle, orderly flow.  Add even a tenth of a degree and it becomes a boil, with violent swirls of turbulent water erupting all over the place.

Warmer air and water are more fluid.  This means more water in the air, and more wind.  Well, when those extra violent water-laden clouds get whipped up by the faster jet stream, that moisture arrives in unexpected places.

The sad irony is all these climate change deniers are willfully ignoring the truth that will kill their descendants.

Its that last one tenth of a degree, people.

That’s the part we can change.  If we reduce greenhouse gases we can save life on Earth.

Or you can make a lot of money and know your great grandchildren will all be smothered and starved.

News Media! Stop saying “Islamic terrorist” and instead say anti-islamic terrorist.

Real Muslims are not supporting the brutes who are committing genocide and worse in Africa, the Middle East, and the rest.

Calling them “Muslim” anything helps them achieve credibility in their home lands.  They are Un-Islamic terrorists.

When the ISIL Puritans assault a town they kill the men, rape the women and enslave the children.  They are hated by the populations they conquer.  When the West gives these punks television time it helps the thugs to recruit.

In short, quit sensationalizing acts of inhumanity.  Let’s spend ten minutes finding solutions, not ten minutes poking insults at the terrorists that end up giving them an aura of meaningfulness.  Our media is doing recruiting for the terrorists.  Editors:  limit ISIS atrocities coverage and always color the ISIS as murder gangs stealing from the people.

Let’s cover the stories the enemies hate:  Human rights, right to free speech, rights to study for boys and girls.  Human rights for all women.  Show the billions of true Muslims who observe the peace taught by the true schools.

ISIL is about one Muslim in 5000000 or so.  That’s why they have to brutalize their conquered communities.

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