Polar Vortex is a result of Global Warming and Climate Change

When I was a child I had a top. When properly launched, a top is very stable until its orbits begin to deteriorate then they start to bob and weave and then they finally tumble off axis. The climate is very fluid, but it is in a spinning system and when warm air pushed into the polar region, the cold polar air mass was pushed into the lower latitudes.

As the climate warms, it becomes more fluid. That extra heat causes chaotic mixing of air streams and disrupts the jet stream. The jet stream pushes and pulls the polar system.

Like the child’s top, when the system begins to destabilize, the center of the polar region begins to tumble to lower latitudes. This all makes sense when you understand that convection and Coriolis forces are normally balanced.

Warmer air and water means faster air flows in the jet stream. Faster jet stream means more disruption of normal weather patterns.

T-Rump shows the world his posterior, reveals the true “Ugly American”

T-rump shows the world his backside — again.  He keeps on proving himself to be a thin-skinned mean-spirited narcissist of the first order.
=== Exactly the kind of person who should never be given power. ===
If his party wants my vote next year, they will have to come up with someone who has the wisdom and temperament to run the world’s most powerful country. A lot of us will vote against him, regardless of the opponent, just because of the cruel assaults he has made on scores of victims, from Senator McCain to, most recently,  a disabled reporter.
How can anyone support what amounts to a school-yard bully? It’s not like he has every legislated, or ever governed, or held public office. He has zero diplomatic skill and is likely to start World War Three if given the chance.
Hey T-rump: if you want popular support, you have to have humility and kindness, not slogans and bluster. T-rump has no plan for the economy, no plan for the world situation, no plan for global warming, no plan for social security or health care.
All he has are slogans and attitude.
Attacking citizens who question his competence, honor and honesty is the hallmark of a dictator.  Let’s not elect a dictator.

National Secrets Should Not Be On National News

Western civilization is under attack on many fronts.  Yet news outlets, including TV, radio, internet and newspapers vie against each other to reveal the latest intelligence systems and methods.  They do this in a quest for ratings and the resulting income that comes from having the largest audience.  In truth, they are selling us out to the terrorists.

What?  How?  What do you mean?

Every attack and incident is immediately analyzed and dissected by an array of politicians, officials, criminologists, intelligence experts and pundits with no seeming relationship to the story.  Many of them are actually telling our opponents how to fight us.

Radicals love our News

Our western values impart in us a sense that transparency in government is very important.  But that public spirit of not keeping secrets from citizens makes us think we should be told about the ways in which our foes are being obstructed.  However, such transparency is welcomed by enemies like ISIS because it tells them what to be prepared for.

In a perfect world, reporting security measures to the citizenry seems desirable.  But we live in a world of very unequal mentalities.  We in the educated world assume that everyone appreciates civilization and will always work to make life better for all people.   However, this assumption does not apply to cultures that reject western ideals.

Steps Towards A Safer World

We should rather be told that powerful groups are doing positive things, and not be told the details of how those actions are conducted.  Our enemies want us to tell them how we are countering their efforts.  It is a mistake of the first order to come out and tell them the details and limitations of our capabilities.

News providers, in particular, should reject editorial stories that compromise our national intelligence efforts.  If we are good at detecting rats, let’s not tell the rats how we are doing it.

Can We Keep Secrets anymore?

I like public officials who can keep national secrets.  All the news outlets should be reminded that their reports are a weapon in the terrorists’ arsenal.

Beware links in emails

Links may not deliver the result you expect.

With the holiday season, we can expect to receive deceptive emails that try to trick us into clicking links to bogus web sites. These emails are sent by the millions and you may receive one despite your email provider’s best efforts to protect you from malicious emails.

There are many tricks that scammers use to get you to read, and ultimately click, their ‘bait’ email. The often will use a current event or an interesting celebrity to entice you into opening their email in the first place, then tantalize you with some sneaky message that lures you into clicking their special link.

Often, the scam is simple. Find some nice person and tell them a sad story to beg for assistance. Find a celebrity and send messages that you have a secret mail from the celebrity or some special offers about the celebrity. It often is some promise of a picture or a video. The fraudsters often play on your emotions with subtle, leading headlines and subjects.

Usually these bad guys are seeking to steal your money, or get you to help them in some criminal plan that makes them money. The worst are those seeking to steal your identity or uncover personal information.

• Be wary of any email from an unknown sender. Real emails are consistent, the sender’s name and email address should match.
• Be suspicious of an email from someone you know, but which is not typical for them, such as a personal request from a distant associate.
• Never trust emails asking you to go to a web site to get more information.
• Scammers often rely on honest people who want to help in an hour of need.
• If you get an email that seems to be legitimate, you can contact the company by looking up their phone number from an official phone book.
• If you get any mail asking for information about your workplace, what you do, who you know, or for any inside information about yourself, be very wary.
• Official correspondence from outside agencies can always be confirmed by calling the agency or the contact who is claiming to write you.
• If you get an email that provides you with names, addresses and phone numbers, you cannot assume that the mail really came from that person or agency.

In particular, beware “Phishing Scams”

Phishing scams are usually operated through a seemingly authentic e-mail to a victim. The message appears to have been sent from a reliable source, like your bank or a national organization. Scammers may claim that a bank account has been compromised and that you need to verify your information in order to access your account again. The link that appears in the message is designed to fool you. It actually leads you to a website that is crafted to appear to be the real web site (for instance a bank or a company you do business with).

To fool you, the website is a copycat page with a form to fill in with your log-in and personal information.

Scammers then obtain your log-in, billing, and private information to store for fraudulent purposes.

Banks and professional organizations usually do not use an e-mail when their customers’ accounts are compromised. If you are in doubt, call Customer Service for the bank or company. If the email contains a phone number for the bank, do not trust it. Look the organization up at an official listing service and call Customer Service directly to report a suspicious email.

Always contact the establishment by phone or postal mail if you receive any e-mail that appears questionable.

Dire Warning – My Advice to Web Surfers

Welcome to the Internet, a wonderful place that it’s inventors envisioned as a system to put full encyclopedias of knowledge at your fingertips.

Best of Intentions

Modern technologies offer us a wealth of enticing services all delivered by your ability to access the internet. Some people have compared the internet to a superhighway of information.



The lofty ambitions of the scientists who created the world wide web were to deliver authorative references to research, permit collaboration between research teams and to deliver a scientific reference to scientific papers and later, class room notes and even full course textbooks.


Enter the Dark Side

However, commercial corporations looked upon this ability to communicate and sought to use it for profit purposes. Unwary public servants were swayed by the promises of economic revolution, and allowed the internet to become a commercial enterprise.


The influence of the corporations assured favorable regulation for corporations who quickly purchased media components so they could have a share of the upcoming wealth.  Many checks were written, many favors were cashed.


The Worm Turns

Several years after the commercialization of the internet we see that it has become a communications medium delivering ignorance and celebrating public folly.  Anonymous trolls dispense vitriolic arguments unrelated to any intelligent discourse that dilute the value of public forums.  To the point that we now expect public forums to be packed with hate speech and slander.

Instead of enriching our lives the internet has now become a dark hole full of hateful monsters that intrudes into our lives, and our children’s lives, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. So how do we counsel our children to not be affected by the well of ignorance that the internet has become? We shall explore that in further chapters.



We like to think that only bad people have anything to fear from authorities. The naïve user assumes that if they do nothing wrong, they will never have to defend themselves from any investigations. Experience proves otherwise. Totally innocent people have had their lives intruded by authorities following false leads in digital cases. Your identity can be used to commit a crime without your knowledge and you can be investigated for things you never even knew existed.


Don’t Be a Victim!

Did you know that criminals can intrude your computer through the internet and then use your system to commit acts against other computers. Of course, when the digital evidence is examined, the authorities will come to you. Even if you are totally guilt free you can be intimidated and harassed. You can be fined or denied service by the determination of a company or agency who you never get to see or talk to, in a hearing you do not even know is happening. You need to protect yourself, even if you are a straight-arrow, obey the rules person. We shall discuss that as well.

Tell Your Friends to Watch This Space!

We have come to rely on this invention, but we have to understand its risks if we are to use it wisely.

And safely. 

Stay tuned, I will have more to say soon.



America’s Greatest Military Foe: Who killed the most Americans ever?

What nation killed the most American servicemen in military action?
Germany? Japan? England? Mexico? Spain? Iran?  Iraq? North Korea? Grenada?

No! None of these.

America’s most lethal enemy was the Confederate States of America.

The Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred and revolt. It is a flag of “Jihad” in the truest sense.

Confederate Flag = Jihad Revolutionary civil war flag. 

It is the flag of the losers who killed more Americans than any other nation, ever, combined.

Respect that? I pray not.

Science Trumps Superstition

Weak minds cling to their superstitions, the wise study science. Understanding the physics of the universe leads the mind away from baseless faiths. Does the age of a lie make it holy? Do we worship Ra and Isis, Zeus and Hera, Jupiter, Mars and Venus? Those ‘faiths’ are older than the Babylonian faith that we now call Judeo-Christian-Islamic monothesism.


In the history of the Earth and humanity, no superstition has ever been found to be fact. A modern human accepts that, like Santa Claus, witches, Zeus or the Boggieman, there is nothing in religion but bronze-age ignorance, handed down by well-meaning, but utterly ignorant prophets or by malicious charlatans…


The simple fact is that prayer and supplication are foolish attempts to placate ancient animal fears. The crash of thunder, the tectonic changes that lead to earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and disease, these all were the basis of primitive beliefs.

Cops Gone Wild: Use of Force at Pool Party in McKinney Texas

These bigots shame me. Bigots shame us all. But there is more to consider.

Man in blue acts like a thug.

Man in blue acts like a thug.

I watched the video closely, and the several fat white guys wandering around watching the cop approvingly are the ones I hope to see in hell.

This man in blue is a mean dog on a leash, but the fat white guys all over the scene are masters of the leash. Officer attackdog works for their white establishment. The whites called him to send the blacks away, and in one sense, the mad-dog cop was just doing that job. They are the masters, not him.

At the very least, the rampaging officer committed assault and battery, false imprisonment and (I mean this earnestly) impersonating a police officer.
He deserves to go to jail.

However, the white people who stood and watched silently are the ones who pay this man to keep the black children away from the pool.

Hatred is the evil we must defeat.


Ref: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/08/texas-pool-party-mom_n_7536218.html

Earth Day: Paul Kantner’s ‘Earth Mother’

Earth mother your children are here
High and feeling dandy
Earth mother your children are here
Ripped on coke and candy

Once the earth was a garden
It gave us all we need
Then it grew so barren
All because of greed

Once the air was for breathing
And clouds caused rain to fall
Then it filled with poisons
Strangling us all


Water was once for drinking
And giving life to the land
Then it was used for cooling
The machinery of man


It’s not your fault you’re ill now
It’s the men who went before
Your children are at your side now
Don’t worry anymore

Your children are your salvation
They see your life as their own
They recognize no nation
They dance around your throne

Dancing in the meadows
To the sound of a living tree
In and out of the shadows
Laughing with the breeze

Chorus x2

If you like it you can find it on the Jefferson Airplane album “Sunfighter”

Freeing the Elephants

We hear this morning that Barnum and Bailey’s Circus will phase out the use of elephants in the circus.  Further, they are promising to let the elephants they own live out their lives in a spacious park in Florida.


Bravo, Barnum and Bailey’s Circus.  I will now take my grandchildren to your circus the next time you are in my area.

Now about those seals and big cats…



An Animal Lover

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